San Diego Health Archives
San Diego Health Archives

Founded in 2000, the San Diego Health Archive is a permanent digital collection of documents, data, statistics, & reports on San Diego's health and health-related topics. Most documents in this digital archive are searchable. These documents are presented for historical purposes. For current documents, please visit the appropriate agency websites.

Government and non-governmental private agencies now create many "born-digital" reports. These documents are often posted on the web but many of them are never printed. Since many agencies have no formal digital preservation plan, important documents have already been lost. Every agency publishing public health related reports is encouraged to develop its own digital archive and to maintain it on-line and available to the public. The United States Library of Congress supports the creation of digital collections as part of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP), authorized by Congress in December 2000.

Most of the documents presented here are PDF files which have been downloaded from the websites of local, state, and federal government agencies and non-profit organizations. The files are stored on our server and made available to the public free of charge and without registration. Files are also stored on more permanent media at the San Diego History Center's Research Library in Balboa Park.

Here are a just few of the public and non-profit sources for material in the San Diego Health Archive:

National and International:
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Health and Human Services
United States-Mexico Border Health Commission
National Latino Research Center
Pan American Health Organization
American Lung Association
State of California:
Department of Health Care Services
Department of Public Health
San Diego County:
Department of Health and Human Services
Public Health Services
Department of Environmental Health
Commission on Children, Youth and Families
San Diego County Air Pollution Control District
San Diego County Water Authority
San Diego County Sheriff Department
San Diego County District Attorney
City of San Diego:
San Diego Police Department
Water Department
Metropolitan Wastewater Department
Urban Runoff Management Program
Clean Syringe Exchange Program
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP)
San Diego Regional Asthma Coalition
San Diego Safe Kids Coalition
United Way of San Diego County
San Diego Children and Families First Commission / First 5 San Diego
The San Diego Health Archive includes historic print documents created before the digital era. The first twenty-six Biennial Reports of the State Board of Health of California (1870-1920) are available in the format scanned by Google and in a version searchable with a web browser or PDF reader.

The San Diego Health Archive welcomes the contribution of important health-related documents not posted or never-posted on websites available to the public. If you have or know of on-line documents, data, or statistics that we haven't found yet or if you have files no longer available online, please contact Michael Kelly, MD