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Specific Diseases & Conditions: Obesity

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Obesity Epidemic and San Diego, CA Students 1 page

California Department of Health Services
Obesity-Related Morbidity and Mortality California, 2000-2002 0.3Mb, 13 pages
Prevalence of Obesity and Healthy Weight in California Counties, 2001 0.4Mb, 6 pages
Childhood Overweight Statistics Fact Sheet 3 pages
Asthma & Obesity May 2006, 4 pages
Asthma & Obesity Quick Facts May 2006, 2 pages

UCLA Policy Research Brief
Too Many California Adults Are Tipping the Scales at an Unhealthy Weight April 2005, 8 pages

County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, CHIP, Coalition on Children and Weight
San Diego County Childhood Obesity Action Plan 2006 2006, 20 pages
San Diego County Plan Contra la Obesidad Infantil (Childhood Obesity Action Plan-Spanish) 2006 2006, 20 pages
Facts About Child Overweight 2006, 3 pages

San Diego Historical Society
San Diego Historical Society