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Community Event Permits

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Community Event

 Community Events in San Diego County


What is a Community Event?

A Community Event is defined as a public event occurring in an unincorporated area of San Diego County, sponsored by a bona fide nonprofit organization or a governmental organization, and planned for a time period of more than four (4) hours, but less than four (4) days.  A community event permit is different from a temporary event permit.

Community Event Permits (CEP)

A Community Event Permit (CEP) is a written approval from the County of San Diego to operate a community event.  The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) serves as the coordinator for all Community Event permits and coordinates with other County agencies during the permitting and approval process.

If the event includes the sale of alcohol, the sponsor must apply to DEH prior to obtaining the ABC license.  Also, please note that a non-profit organization shall be entitled to conduct a maximum of 6 community events within a 12 month period. Food vendors operating at these events must obtain a separate Temporary Food Facility permit for each event. The CEP organizer must submit a completed application to DEH no less than thirty (30) days or more than one (1) year prior to the event.

Community Events:   (858) 694-3614 

Community Events e-mail: 
FHD Duty Specialist:    (858) 505-6900
FHD Duty e-mail:


Completing an Electronic CEP Application

A CEP Application can be completed online, then submitted via e-mail.  E-mailing your application allows for faster routing and may expedite the processing of your permit.  

Important points to remember when completing an online application:

  • You must have Adobe Reader version 7.0 or newer.  If you do not have this program, or have an older version, you can download the software at

  • Clicking the CEP Application link below will load the CEP application in an internet browser.  Before beginning, save the application to your computer as a PDF file and re-open the application in Adobe Reader.  Help?

  • The single application document includes five forms:

Form A - Temporary Community Event Permit Application

Form B - Department of Public Works (DPW) Special Event Permit

Form C - Department of Environmental Health (DEH) Community Event Temporary Food Facilities Permit

Form D - Department of Planning and Land Use (DPLU) Community Event Permit

Form E - Special Event Waste Management Plan

  • Once Form A is complete, you must complete CEP Supplementary Forms B, C, D, and E (if applicable).  

  • When the application is complete, you must e-mail your CEP application to the CEP Coordinator.  For more information on how to submit your application, click here.  Please note: Some e-mail servers will restrict the file size that you can send.  If you cannot attach both files to one e-mail, send one document at a time.

  • All required documentation for an event must be received by the CEP Coordinator for an application to be considered complete.  Once complete, the permit application will be reviewed. Click here for a detailed list of required documents.

  • Contact the CEP Coordinator with any questions regarding your application at (858) 694-3614 .

  • For first-time CEP applicants/ event sponsors, the CEP Coordinator is available to have a pre-application meeting to answer questions or assist with the application.

Applications are also available at any DEH office and can be submitted in paper format.


Community Events Application and Supporting Documents


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