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About HHSA

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For more information send us an email.

The Health and Human Services Agency is one of five groups or divisions of the San Diego County government. The Agency provides a broad range of health and social services, promoting wellness, self-sufficiency, and a better quality of life for all individuals and families in San Diego County.

The Agency integrates health and social services through a unified service-delivery system. This system is family focused and community-based, reflective of business principles in which services are delivered in a cost-effective and outcome-driven fashion.

Agency Vision Statement: Safe, healthy and thriving communities

Agency Mission: Make people's lives safer, healthier and self-sufficient by delivering essential services.

  • Director's Office
  • Agency Strategy Agenda - the HHSA Strategy Agenda links the Agency's goals and daily operations. It helps the Agency translate its vision and mission into actions and results.


HHSA Organizational Charts

The Health and Human Services Agency is headed by a director who is accountable to the County's Chief Administrative Officer and the Board of Supervisors. An executive team works with the Director to oversee the many programs the Agency provides. (See Managerial Org Chart)

The hallmark of the Health and Human Services Agency is its commitment to a service delivery system that is regionalized and accessible, community-based and customer oriented. Organized into six geographic service regions, the Agency's service delivery system reflects a community-based approach using public-private partnerships to meet the needs of families in San Diego County.

Regional General Managers are responsible for planning and managing the delivery of a variety of government-delivered health and social services and engaging community leadership in outcome-driven partnerships, customized where possible to meet the unique needs of our diverse communities and neighborhoods. As a result, public health nurses, mental health workers, social workers, and welfare workers serve clients in an integrated fashion, often alongside other public and private service providers, treating families and individuals in need as our customers, and working across programs to ensure customer needs are met.

We see our customers in a variety of settings. Some are served in County facilities; others are served by hospitals, community clinics, agencies, or community-based organizations under contract with the Agency to provide key services such as alcohol and drug treatment services, or medical care to the indigent. Among our creative approaches to meeting community needs, this Agency operates Family Resource Centers, Mental Health Clinics, and Public Health Centers across the county where residents can access a wide range of health and social services.

Throughout the Agency, the focus is on a "no wrong door" approach - a system that is easy to access, treats families as a whole, integrates resources and services, harnesses the power of technology, and takes advantage of economies of scale. Polinsky Children's Center, the San Diego County Psychiatric Hospital, and Edgemoor are also administered by the Agency.

In addition, we are doing more to work with local and neighborhood agencies, including cities and schools, to better ensure that county residents have easy access to services. We even see some customers in their own homes - Aging and Independence Services staff conduct home-based assessments for seniors in order to arrange for needed services; public health nurses visit low income pregnant mothers to share information about parenting practices; and outreach workers provide health education, make service referrals, or identify risks that may need follow-up, like protective custody issues.

The Agency's six regions, Public Health Services, Aging and Independence Services, Children's Mental Health Services, and Adult and Older Adult Mental Health Services, Alcohol and Drug Services, and Child Welfare Services all carry out the important work of this Agency at the operational level. (See Operations Org Chart)

At the same time, the Support Divisions (Financial Support Services, Contract Support, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Strategic Planning & Operational Support) play an important role, providing essential financial, administrative, planning, program, and policy support to the Agency's operational divisions. (See Support Org Chart)


For more information send us an email.