San Diego Health Archives
San Diego Health Archives

First Annual Report
of the Health Department
City of San Diego, 1888

93 pages, 4Mb

First Annual Report
of the San Diego County
Hospital and Poor Farm, 1889

14 pages, 21Mb


State of California
  Biennial Reports of the State Board of Health of California 1871-1920
  Biennial Reports of the State Commission on Lunacy 1896-1914

U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare (DHEW)/ National Center for Health Statistics
Health Characteristics by Geographic Region, Large Metropolitan Areas, and Other Places of Residence:
  United States-July 1980-June 1981 5.0Mb 98 pages
  United States-July 1973-June 1974 5.0Mb 70 pages
  United States-July 1969-June 1970 7.0Mb 62 pages
  United States-July 1963-June 1965 5.0Mb 66 pages

Selected Vital and Health Statistics In Poverty and Nonpoverty Areas of 19 Large Cities...1969-71 4.0Mb 67 pages

None of these historic documents were born digital. All were created before 1985. What you will see are scans of the original printed pages. Most have been rendered searchable through OCR (optical character recognition).