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Welcome to the San Diego Health Archive famous for pages like We are a small team of avid researchers looking for the latest and greatest in human biohacking.

San Diego Health has firm views that with the correct nutrition and supplementation it is possible to improve several areas of your everyday lifestyle.

With careful choices and extensive research we believe there are ways that you can dramatically improve your sleep, energy, cognition and general health.

We’re constantly putting the latest research on vitamins, minerals, nutrients and herbs to the test to find natural solutions to modern day problems.

Productivity, mindset and a healthy lifestyle are our main drives. We want to find the best solutions possible (even Ozempic Alternatives) – and pass that information on to you.

The San Diego Health Archive of Health, Body and Mind

Here at San Diego Health we want the best out of your body and mind – and we’re archiving what we find.

However, the task isn’t easy. There’s a lot of misinformation out there as to what works for cognition, energy and other factors. We want to change that.

We are consulting the science, and what we find from our own and others’ experience to give you the big picture of what is and what isn’t a viable option.

San Diego Health currently has two main writers: Pablo Garduno and Dawn Duffy. Both are experienced health enthusiasts who have a keen interest in biohacking and total human optimization.

Here’s a brief overview of the type of content we cover:

Nootropics – Natural Brain Supplements

Nootropics, also known as brain supplements, brain boosters and cognitive enhancers.

These are all natural supplements that we pay close attention to on San Diego Health. It’s a growing industry of carefully researched nutrients, vitamins and minerals which can give your brain more of what it needs to run more efficiently.

Good nootropics (or natural adhd supplements) have both short-term and long-term benefits. In the short-term they can help to improve your focus, memory-retention, mood, reaction time and more. In the long term they can help fight cognitive decline, promote brain structure and improve overall brain health.

They’re a fascinating topic and we’re constantly watching them get better and better. Some people even use them as Adderall Alternatives.

At the moment, most people find benefit in creating their own nootropic stacks. This allows them to customize the dosages and effects in a way that works best for them.

However, more and more people are turning to pre-made nootropic stacks as the market is catching up to the consumer. We’ve been blown away with some of the upcoming options – so much so that we’ve compiled a list of the best nootropics on the market at the moment both pre-made and custom.

We also review individual nootropic stacks and give our feedback on them. Here’s a list of our more interesting experiences:

There are also other options like energy pills which can improve your overall brain and body energy. They’re not exactly nootropics but they can work well in conjunction with them. They’re like the best caffeine pills, but slightly different.

Health – Optimizing Lifestyle

We don’t just focus on mental biohacking, our goal is to optimize for an entire lifestyle.

This leads us to look into other forms of health supplements that are more commonplace on the market.

These are your multivitamins, dietary aids and other more general products which tie in with a healthy lifestyle. However, this is space is crowded with poor-quality products.

San Diego Health regularly investigates these areas to determine which options out there are viable, and which aren’t.

Below is our list of the more popular reviews in this space, and we’ll update it more as our content grows:

If you have any specific products that you would like us to create a buyer’s guide to,  or perform a review on let us know on our contact page.

As always, we should mention that we are not medical professionals and you should not use this website as a source of sound medical advice. If you are struggling with a health condition and looking for a way to solve it – you should see a doctor, not our website. Your health comes first!




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