About San Diego Health

San Diego Health is a health and wellness archive established to give you the information you need when it comes to human optimization. These include areas such as sleep, brainpower, energy and aspects of everyday life which can be improved upon.

We take the time to keep up to date with the latest finds in the natural market to find which herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients deliver the best natural solutions to your needs.

One of the main ways we do this is by compiling lists, buying guides, and reviews of the latest and greatest options in the natural market to give you our view if it is the right choice for you.

These are typically products such as:

  • Nootropics – Cognitive enhancers
  • Sleep Aids – Supplement stacks to improve quality of sleep.
  • MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglycerides in liquid form
  • Energy Supplements – Caffeineated and non-caffeinated stacks to improve your energy.
  • Multivitamins – Everyday vitamin and mineral supplements

We constantly update this section as our interests for the site grows. Check back another time and there will probably be more.

Now, let’s learn more about the team behind San Diego Health.

Who we are

Pablo Garduno, Head of Content

Pablo Garduno

Pablo Garduno: Head Writer
email: [email protected]

Pablo Garduno is our resident supplement expert and the head of content at the sandiegohealth.org archive.

He is responsible for the majority of the content on this site, and is the main guinea pig when it comes to testing supplements for reviews and buying guides.

This is nothing new to Pablo, as he started experimenting with supplements at a young age. The only thing that’s changed is that he writes about it now too!

Pablo’s true love is nootropics and general cognitive enhancement, but he always finds himself open to new options should the research intrigue him.

He is constantly reformulating and streamlining his stacks to ensure that what he creates is nothing short of perfection for both his brain and body.

When he’s not working hard at the office, Pablo is keeps his mind and muscles active with weight training, chess and the occasional jog.

View Profile: Pablo Garduno

Dawn Duffy, Copywriter

Dawn Duffy

Dawn Duffy: Copywriter
contact: [email protected]

Dawn Duffy is our supporting writer at both sandiegohealth.org and our sister site: healthysandiegoliving.com.

HealthySanDiegoLiving.com is the supporting blog to SanDiegoHealth.org. It’s a more general blog to what we cover here, but is still full of lots of useful information.

Dawn writes articles over there which she believes could be useful to our readers here (you!) but that doesn’t exactly fit in with the main site.

This could be anything from commonly asked questions about specific supplements, to brief overviews of interesting health innovations, exercises, diets and habits.

When she’s not creating content for either site, Dawn can be found investigating the latest health trends, playing tennis or searching for the perfect cup of coffee.

Dawn has recently discovered nootropics, and is slowly warming up to the idea of featuring one of her reviews on the site. Time will tell!

Got a Question for San Diego Health?

If you have a suggestion, or a question for the team about supplements or the articles written – we’re all ears!

You can find out more information on how to do that on our contact page.




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