How often should you take a probiotic?

How often should you take a probiotic?

Probiotic dosages vary by product, so no general dosing recommendation can be made. However, common probiotic dosages for adults range from five billion to 10 billion colony-forming units per day. Take just one dose of probiotics per day.

Yes, it all depends on the label of the probiotic in question as to how often you should take it.

However, if it is not stated – stick with the one dose a day as mentioned.

Another angle that you could go down is the prebiotic root. These take away a lot of the risks associated with probiotics – to see our #1 choice see our Performance Lab Prebiotic review.

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Should you take probiotics as often as daily?

Yes you should be able to. Aside from “How often should you take a probiotic?” another common question in regards to probiotics is whether or not it is ok to take probiotics every day.

With some probiotics there may be a few exceptions to this rule, but generally the answer is yes, it’s safe, and often recommended to take them daily. The first point to mention here is that probiotics are a natural supplement and not a medicine.

They’re natural so they’re less likely to cause harm, with a medication, you should be more reluctant about taking it often without a doctor’s supervision.

Should you often take a break from probiotics?

You can take a break from probiotics but you need to keep taking the probiotic supplements to keep benefiting from the effects. If you often take a break from probiotics, your gut bacteria are likely return to what they were before you started supplementation within one to three weeks. You may be able to get longer-lasting changes by “feeding the healthy bacteria”.

We usually recommend taking a prebiotic. You don’t get the risk of the probiotic strain dying on arrival to the colon and you can take it daily.

Summary: How often should you take a probiotic in general?

If you have a good probiotic that has a low chance of not turning up dead on arrival, making sure you get the full benefit – you should be taking it around once a day.

This can keep the bacteria in your gut topped up and giving you the maximum benefit.

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