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Performance Lab MCT









  • Only C8 and C10 in this MCT oil
  • Derived from USDA Organic Coconuts
  • Stacks well with Performance Lab range
  • Flavorless. Mixes well with food and beverages


  • Only available from Performance Lab Website
  • Premium Price for MCT Oil

Quick Overview

This is my personal review of Performance Lab MCT. I’ve been using MCTs for a while now and was very impressed with my results using Performance Lab’s version.

Performance Lab MCT is derived from coconuts – but it is not coconut oil. It is much purer and effective for delivering health benefits to your body, brain, muscles and as a general ketone fuel source.

If you’re struggling with:

  1. Brain Fog
  2. Lack of Energy
  3. Focus
  4. Metabolic Performance
  5. Sticking to the Ketogenic Diet
  6. Body Weight Issues

This is a good addition to any stack to help you see better results.

It is by far the best medium-chain triglyceride oil I’ve used, and in this review I’ll explain:

  • Why this Performance Lab’s MCT oil is better than other MCT oil supplements.
  • The science behind this MCT oil.
  • My experience: how I take it and the benefit I get from it.
  • My stack: for brain power and general health.

Performance Lab MCT

Why Performance Lab MCT may be better than your current MCT oil

When I first started using MCT oils, I assumed they were largely very similar and had the same health benefits. This is not the case.

Below, we’ll look at the reasons why.

Better Fats

MCT oils are made up of fats derived from coconuts – however each formula is different depending on which fats they use from the coconut.

For example coconut oil contains the following MCTs:

  • C6: Caproic Acid
  • C8: Caprylic Acid
  • C10: Capric Acid
  • C12: Lauric Acid
  • C14 and More

If you’ve read our guide to the Best MCT Oil (and you should) you’ll know that only Caprylic Acid (C8) and Capric Acid (C10) are the only two worth your time. They’re easy for your system to turn into energy for your brain and body via ketones.

However many MCT oil supplements still contain C6, C12, C14 and above. Not only do these not give you an efficient fuel source – they can also cause side effects like an upset stomach, and give an unpleasant taste.

Performance Lab MCT oil only uses C8 and C10. These are the most effective options as they can be absorbed by your body as glucose to mimic the fuel benefits of carbohydrates.

They’re also the easiest for your liver to turn into ketones for energy and ketosis.

C8 and C10 also help brain power by optimizing mitochondria which is your cell’s means of energy production.

Finally, they can also help with fitness by supporting better energy levels and fat loss.

Higher Quality

The coconuts that your MCT oil is sourced from matters too.

GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Coconuts exist and are abundant in the industry. They are often used as a source for cheaper (and even big name) MCT oil brands.

The oil yielded from these is often chemically processed with hexanes and hydrogenated. It has a risk of going off. These are typically your MCTs that are high in C6, C12 and above. As we’ve mentioned, this can cause numerous stomach issues.

They’re impure, and not the type of support you want to be fueling your mind and body with.

Performance Lab MCT comes directly from organic non-GMO coconuts, all of which use zero hexanes and are distilled three times over for maximum purity.

It’s as clean as you can get to the point that the coconuts involved are even USDA organic certified.

Safer to Use

As we’ve mentioned, other MCT oils have been known to use C6 – which is also in coconut oil. C6 can cause stomach upset which can lead to gastric distress which could affect your day.

There’s nothing severely dangerous in a regular coconut oil or MCT oil, but it if you want the safest and most efficient option the C8 and C10 only content in Performance Lab MCT is a great choice.

Performance Lab MCT Ingredients: The Science

Here is the full list of ingredients in Performance Lab® MCT:

  • C8 (Caprylic Acid) – 7.1 g
  • C10 (Capric Acid) – 5.1 g

To give you a better idea of the layout in Performance Lab MCT that’s in 15 ml (tablespoon) serving. 60% C8 and 40% C10.

It is 100% organic MCT oil derived from non-GMO coconuts. It’s non-GMO project verified and USDA Organic.

It’s as clean as it gets. Now let’s look those two in more detail and how exactly they can help you.

Performance Lab MCT Ingredients

C8 (Caprylic Acid) – 7.1 g

C8 is the easiest of the two medium-chain triglyceridees in Performance Lab MCT for your body to digest and utilize for energy ketones.

It breaks down into 3 main benefits with Performance Lab’s C8:

1. Energy and Mental Clarity

We’ve already covered this, your body can break down C8 quickly and effectively to use as energy for your body and mind via ketones.

Ketones as we know are more effective energy resource than glucose – especially if you’re on a ketogenic diet.

Having this as a separate fuel source is great for improving the energy in your body and in your brain.

2. Antibacterial and Antifungal

Performance Lab MCT’s C8 can also help to fight infection. C8 has been seen in some cases to help treat yeast infections as well as acne and psoriasis.

3. Better for your Gut

The antibacterial and antifungal properties have also been linked to controlling bad bacterial in your stomach. In doing so it can help against conditions such as IBS, giving you a healthy gut.

C8 can also help reduce cytokines which cause bowel damage in Chron’s disease and other stomahc issues.

C10 (Capric Acid) – 5.1 g

C10 is 40% of Performance Lab MCT and also offers a great deal of benefit when supplemented. It’s nearly as fast as C8 for your body to absorb, and delivers the additional benefits:

1. Antimicrobial

C10 has been seen in some cases to help promote your immune system. Mothers eating foods rich in C10, were seen to improve their child’s ability to fight infections via breastfeeding.

C10 has also been seen to help fight three strains of Candida Albicans a fungus which is linked to yeast infections.

2. Strong Digestive

C10 (Capric Acid) has been seen to help improve bile secretion and cholesterol metabolism. The benefit here is that it can help improve the speed of your digestion and it’s efficiency.

Find out more benefits

My Experience with Performance Lab MCT

I’ve been taking Performance Lab MCT for a while, and have had some great benefits from using it – compared to some of the previous ones I’ve used.

Below, I’ll tell you how I usually take this oil, and what works well to get the most out of this medium-chain triglyceride oil and a run-down of my overall benefits and experiences from using it.

How I take it

When I take Performance Lab MCT, I add one tablespoon of it into my coffee of a morning.

It’s easy to measure out and add in and it ensures that I get enough of it to keep me going throughout the day, especially as I fast throughout most of the day.

It also goes well in smoothies, protein shakes, salads, sauces – anything liquid. You can’t taste it, without the C6 it’s flavorless and adds thickness to whatever your consuming.


I take Performance Lab MCT every day. As I’ve mentioned, I take it with a black coffee every morning.

Taking a good MCT oil like Performance Lab’s I noticed the following benefits:

Fuller for longer – I fast every day until dinner time. After taking Performance Lab MCT I feel like I get less snacky throughout the day.

Sharper mind – I feel like I have more mental energy to perform at work for longer. There’s less brain fog and I’m overall more alert.

Better digestion – I have less stomach discomfort after a big meal, which may be the antimicrobial aspect of this MCT oil.

Faster metabolism – I find it easier to lose weight, this may be the metabolism aspect or the the fact it fights hunger cravings. Either or, I don’t pig out as much on my one meal a day.

This is all very different to my previous MCT oil experiences. With other MCT oils it just seemed to coat my throat with a burnt taste and not much else, with Performance Lab MCT I’ve noticed far more benefits.

You can really tell the difference between and effective MCT oil and one that’s cobbled together out of any old coconut fats. The focus on C8 and C10 in Performance Lab MCT really makes a difference.

It’s also worth mentioning that I now have a full Performance Lab stack that I use with their MCT oil. Their products are designed to work in synergy with one another and in doing so I feel like I get much more benefit throughout my brain and body.

Full Stack: What I take with Performance Lab MCT

Performance Lab MCT Oil Stack

Below is what I’m taking when it comes to supplements on top of Performance Lab MCT oil:

  • Performance Lab Mind – Excellent nootropic that also supports your brain’s mitochondria (energy production), chemicals, structure, circulation, energy and more. Works well with a good MCT.
  • Performance Lab Energy – Another mitochondria boost to give your whole body much more support when it comes to boosting energy levels.
  • Performance Lab Sleep – Containing natural melatonin via tart cherries, it’s great for getting a better night’s sleep for a fresher morning.
  • Performance Lab Stim – Caffeine and L-Theanine which helps improve my morning focus and energy levels.
  • Performance Lab Wholefood Multi (Mens) – All round nature-identical supply of vitamins and minerals to make sure my body has everything it needs.

Note that these are all Performance Lab products. There are several reasons why I take so many products from the same brand:

1. They all work together in synergy. All Performance Lab products have been formulated to work together with one another – as I’ve mentioned in my list.

2. Unbeatable quality. I can’t think of any other company that is so commited to supplements that they’ll actually grow their own vitamins and minerals in probiotic cultures to make them as nature-identical as possible.

3. Great discounts. Anything over $200.00 qualifies for worldwide free shipping – also any double box purchase gives me 5% discount and if I buy 3 of something you get 10% off.

You obviously don’t have to take these specific supplements, but I always found it made sense to just get them all from Performance Lab, given how high quality their products are.


Final Summary

As you can see, I’m pretty sold on Performance Lab MCT. There’s two main reasons for this: C8 and C10.

The fact that they take out all the ineffective medium-chain triglycerides (C6, C10, C12 and above) and give you only what works is so much better for both your health and results.

In my opinion, it’s the best MCT oil on the market – and it definitely beats coconut oil for those who believe them to have similar benefits. It’s great for your body, brain, ketones, energy and is just generally a great supply of healthy fats to keep your health ticking over.

Performance Lab MCT Oil

For the best possible results, I suggest combining it with other Performance Lab products which suit your goals. You’ve already seen my stack, which should give you some ideas of what to look out for.

If you want to know more about Performance Lab MCT you can learn more on their website.

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