Contributions in the Best Nootropics such as English, French, German, Italian and Spanish are welcome. The journal promotes the publication of performance ratings on rolling basis as a double-blind, peer-reviewed online journal with a unique digital format. Action editors will be appointed on demand to handle submissions that require specific expertise.

Performance Research is a specialist journal for performance arts that has been published every two months since 2012. Performance research is a qualitative methodology that incorporates themes, methods, experiences and bodies located in time, place and history. Participation is dedicated to the study of the theory and application of performance practices, research results and process creation.

Performance Research is an independent peer-reviewed journal published by Routledge Journals, Taylor’Francis Ltd. and Our. With an interdisciplinary vision and international reach, the magazine focuses on contemporary performing arts and changing cultures.

The Comparative Dramaturgy and Performance Research (CDPR) program trains students to become research-oriented artists who have the knowledge and skills necessary to address the themes of their choice in the performing arts. The CDPR program offers students a unique opportunity to experience various forms of dramaturgical thinking within performance cultures and provides a comparative approach to the practice and theory of dramaturgy. CDPR is tailored and process-oriented for students who wish to work in international and multidisciplinary contexts such as collaborative production, research-oriented artistic projects and other projects and institutions that combine artistic activities with research.

Doctoral degrees in artistic research are offered at the Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke. As a double degree, students immerse themselves in different performance research practices and gain a detailed understanding of the various local scenes of the performing arts.

The Center for Performance Research of the CPR is dedicated to support artists in the development of new work in contemporary dance and performance. To publish performance research or your research in any area of the visual or performing arts in Q1, please visit the official website of the journal.

Acceptance Rate Acceptance Rate (percentage of scientific journals and conferences) depends on many parameters. The prizes will be awarded on a competitive basis after submission of funding applications. There is a demand and interest among researchers and scientists to publish in certain journals or conferences.

The Intuitive Foundation’s fellowship program is currently active and accepts applications for grants to support training in human performance research and robotic surgery for 2021-2022. Grants can be used to fund the salaries of statisticians, laboratory technicians, fellows, research coordinators and other auxiliary personnel for a period of one year, equipment, supplies and travel necessary to support a proposed research project.

At Marquette, the AHPRC Summer Student Research Initiative (SSRI 2021) was created to facilitate basic and graduate research at various campuses in support of the AHPRC’s mission and global goals. The global objectives are to promote interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative research to understand and improve performance of athletic and healthy clinical populations throughout their lifespans and to provide education and training opportunities to the Marquette community. In 2021, the SSRI will focus on students, faculty and mentors in pediatric health and human performance research, and support a network of researchers from diverse disciplines on campus to conduct this research.

The Performance Research Forum benefits employees and students at Goldsmiths by contributing to basic and postgraduate scientific research, offering extracurricular activities, and providing opportunities to socialize with staff and students.

Discover strategies for developing skills in the areas of physical resilience, durability and longevity. Choose from eight skill tests to assess pointing, text input and switching control.

We focus on what it takes to be an equestrian athlete: fitness, motor skills and mental strength. Our commitment to research ensures that equestrianism is a genuine partnership that benefits both human and equestrian athletes.

After years of experimentation with digital publications on the early Web in Cuaderno, where we began with the trilingual, peer-reviewed journal E-Miserica in 2000, we decided to develop a digital book. The breakthrough came in 2009 when we were partnering with Tara McPherson from the University of Southern California. She developed Scalar, a platform that enables scientists to publish their material online, draw from archives, and integrate multimedia material into various visual formats.

The Journal of Stage Studies was published in collaboration with the Colorado Shakespeare Festival from 1979 to 2001. Published once or twice per performance and distributed free to arts venues and organizations in New York City.

With the free VitalSource Bookshelf (r) application, you can access your e-books wherever you want. Advertisers of Movement Research in Performance Journal have the opportunity to purchase bulk subscriptions at discounted prices. We offer a wide range of advertising options for our online and monthly publications as well as critical correspondence.

Interviews recorded in English, Spanish and Portuguese are included in the complete reference book, and the essays cited in the interviews are linked to the institutions and artists mentioned. This offers a digital version of the networked nature of the work of the Hemisphere Institute and opens up new possibilities for the analysis of the performance studies of the interviewed persons described.

The impact scores based on Scopus data below are higher or different in comparison to the impact factors produced by citation reports in specialist journals. Read Web of Science data sources to check the exact Journal Impact Factor ™ and Thomson Reuters metrics.

Performance Research Performance Research is a journal covering technology and field categories related to the visual and performing arts (Q1). Since its founding in 1990, the magazine has promoted the development of written and graphic language to address current issues in dance and performance.

Behavioural analysts continue to explore the benefits of applying basic learning principles to evaluate and predict outcomes in competitive sports. Through translational approaches in behavioral research, behavioral analysts are interested in demonstrating the generalizability of non-human studies of fundamental behavioral processes in everyday human events (cf. Mace and Critchfield, 2010). Our goal is in this review to highlight (a) types of sports performance research published over the past 5 years in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, (b) implications of research findings for sports performance specialists and (c) the increasing translational approach in the sports arena.

However, the level of preventive diagnosis, treatment, and training for professional and elite athletes is still limited due to access and costs. Recent intervention studies to improve athletic performance have focused on research in football, using more recent studies such as rugby and gymnastics.

This data can help to establish databases in which there are no normative performance values. This type of research can be regarded as hypothesis-generated discovery research, in which the results of an experimental hypothesis are tested through research design.


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