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  • Endorsed By Olympians
  • Loosens Up Joints
  • Protects Cartilage
  • Reduces Pains and Aches
  • Better Flexibility


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Any intense workout regimen requires strong joints. However, the more the joints are worked, especially bearing heavy loads, the faster they wear down.

This doesn’t just go for bodybuilders – any high-caliber athlete puts their joints through the gauntlet during competition. Why do you think pro athletes rarely make it out of their 30s before they retire?

The same goes for all of us as we age. Needing to have the strongest joints is always the top priority as time takes its toll.

Luckily, several natural supplements exist that support strong, healthy joints – eliminating some of the snap, crackle, and pop as your body is continuously exposed to intense workouts. One of those supplements is Physio Flex Pro, a joint product intended for individuals with achy joints.

The manufacturers of Physio Flex Pro state that the best results occur after this supplement has been incorporated into your regimen for at least two months. So, that’s exactly what we did.

After a two-month regimen with Physio Flex Pro, this is our honest review.

Physio Flex Pro Reviews


Physio Flex Pro Reviews: What you need to know

Physio Flex Pro is designed to improve users’ mobility and promote renewed flexibility in their joints. According to the manufacturers, ingredients contained within Physio Flex Pro keep the joints moving smoothly, eliminating friction and bone on bone. Additionally, this formula is also designed to eliminate the common joint inflammation that leads to most types of pain.

Overall, the website claims Physio Flex Pro produces the following results:

  • Natural elimination of joint pain joint inflammation
  • Cartilage protection and repair support
  • Lubricates stiff joints to boost flexibility and comfort
  • Strengthens joints and protects against injuries

After examining the ingredients closer, before you even take this supplement, you can identify specific ingredients that promote joint health. Since completing the two-month trial, we feel pretty confident in our Physio Flex Pro review.

The ingredients list contains the most critical joint-support supplements. More importantly, the manufacturers made sure all bases were covered to make Physio Flex Pro a long-term option.

Physio Flex Pro worked for inflammation, helped with achy joints, and increased flexibility. We can only assume it’s effective in preventing future cartilage erosion through the active ingredients.

This is where Physio Flex Pro stands out. It doesn’t just help with aches and pains you already have – it prevents joint pain and potential damage from ever happening in the first place.

Physio Flex Pro comes recommended by orthopedic surgeons – and for a good reason. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to reap the benefits of this supplement. Seniors struggling with joint pain from aging or anyone looking to recover from any type of surgery are good candidates for Physio Flex Pro.

What really puts this supplement on the top of our list is the formula. Let’s take a look at the Physio Flex Pro ingredients.

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

The Physio Flex Pro effective ingredients really had us hooked from the start. We’ll highlight what we feel are the most quality ingredients and why.

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients


Turmeric Extract

If you’re familiar with joint supplements, you’d know that turmeric is an ingredient in a large portion of them. There’s no question about how effective turmeric is in this regard. This is mostly because of the curcumin in the root of the turmeric plant, which has incredibly anti-inflammatory benefits. Clinical studies have proven that curcumin lowers the activity of COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes, which are one of the most significant causes of inflammation in joints.

Ginger Extract

Ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for multiple symptoms. While some of the remedies ginger is included in may be questionable, scientific evidence proves that it is effective against joint pain. Gingerol is the primary ingredient in ginger extract, which works by interfering with the body’s cytokines.


Glucosamine is a natural amino sugar that’s found throughout your body in extremely high amounts. It’s vital for the tissues that surround your body’s joints. This includes tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the synovial fluid that keeps joints cushioned and guarded. Glucosamine is another staple in joint supplements, and Physio Flex Pro has more than the recommended daily dose.


MSM is present in the body throughout your connective tissues. It goes hand in hand with collagen and glucosamine to maintain your joint health. This supplement is also known to promote higher levels of joint strength and flexibility and reduce joint pain. This supplement has a large dose of MSM to help with pain elimination.


This is an important mineral that helps promote healthy bones and strong connective tissue. Selenium also slows down the enzymes that damage the cartilage in the joints. Because of this, it’s incredibly effective in individuals who suffer from arthritis. Several studies also point to selenium possibly slowing down the onset or progression of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by repairing connective tissue, leading to healthier joints.


This supplement is an important factor when it comes to the forming of healthy cartilage. This may be the single most important ingredient for the tasks of strengthening and repairing damaged cartilage. This substance is usually found in synovial fluid. It’s strongly attracted to water and pulls molecules into the cartilage to keep it strong and protected from massive impacts. Supplementing with chondroitin can be an effective move for anyone with damaged cartilage issues. Anyone that has had major surgery will benefit from the presence of this supplement.


Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples. There is scientific evidence pointing to the fact that this supplement provides pain relief for sore joints and acts as an anti-inflammatory as well. In one set of trials, bromelain was found to be more effective than certain medications for pain from arthritis. The medication in question is the pain reliever diclofenac and is normally well-received for the promotion of recovery after surgery and arthritis-related pain.

The Physio Flex Pro ingredients are certainly impressive and incredibly effective. Are there any negative side effects associated with this supplement?

Physio Flex Pro Side Effects

No significant side effects exist with Physio Flex Pro. However, there is one important point worth noting. Normally, the ingredients contained in this supplement would cause stomach or digestive side effects.

However, the manufacturers have even designed their formula in such a way that there are essentially zero Physio Flex Pro side effects. During our two months of testing, there were, however, significant benefits.


Physio Flex Pro Benefits

During the two-month test, there were several visible benefits from Physio Flex Pro. First, it did a great job of reducing joint pain. And we put it to the rest pretty hard – rock climbing, cycling, boxing, baseball, and football were all on the list during the two months we examined the Physio Flex Pro benefits.

During the entire course of our regimen, nobody on our team noticed any additional joint pain than normal. Amazingly, after about four weeks of use, anyone that had joint pain prior to starting Physio Flex Pro actually experienced decreased levels of joint pain.

Additionally, this joint health supplement was much easier on the stomach compared to other joint supplements. The individuals’ age in the test ranged from 24 to 63, and all gave a huge thumbs up.

Physio Flex Pro does claim long-term protection for joints, and that’s one thing we can’t comment on. However, we can’t help but think it delivers on the promises of preventing joint diseases with long-term joint protection.

If you’ve ever suffered from sports injuries or regularly visit a physical therapist, this product should be on your list. Injury recovery, pain in the knee joint, or discomfort in the joints from inflammation are all targeted by this supplement.

Each ingredient is a building block to joint injury recovery, and are all key components to relieve several types of arthritis. The ingredient list is designed for immediate relief and to heal pain over time. It’s chock full of joint protection ingredients, as well as supportive ingredients that even repair cartilage tissue and improve the health of cartilage cells.

Another characteristic we really love is the fact that all of the ingredients are 100% natural, from top to bottom. Many of the natural ingredients date back hundreds of years to Southeast Asia for use in herbal medicine to relieve painful joints. Everything is completely safe for humans with absolutely no side effects  (besides a minimal risk of stomach irritation, but we didn’t see any).

Notable People that Use Physio Flex Pro

Olympians Damian Villa (Taekwondo Athlete) and Nichole Millage (Paralympian Volleyballist) both are using Physio Flex Pro to help their joints during their extensive bouts of training.

Here are their main profiles when you look them up in Google:

As you can see, these are well established Olympians and love Physio Flex Pro.


Physio Flex Pro Reviews: Summary

All of our reviews are authentic, and we try to remain as neutral as possible, even with products we rate high. We’ve always felt it’s our job to remain as unbiased as possible and stick to delivering the facts and findings of real trials. Our readers rely on us to deliver an honest, unswayed opinion, and we can honestly say we do just that.

This being said, we have no problem writing that Physio Flex Pro is 100% the number one joint health supplement on the shelves right now. We’ve reviewed multiple joint supplements from several manufacturers, and none of them deliver in a complete way as Physio Flex Pro does.

The benefits, lack of side effects, short-term, potential long-term, and value for your money all are right where they should be. If you’ve suffered from painful joint conditions and tried other joint supplement formulas, you should give this one a shot.

Physio Flex Pro should be in your shopping cart, whether you’re looking to remedy already achy and nagging joints or simply be proactive and prevent damage. This advanced formula is efficient at improving nearly any negative joint health condition.



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