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  • Best natural focus / study aid
  • Stimulated nootropic
  • Rushy-focus without jitters
  • Affordable


  • Only available on Vyvamind.com
  • Not recommended for those sensitive to caffeine

This is our Vyvamind review. Here we look closer at this natural focus aid to see how effective it really is and how well it may work for you.

Read on to see what’s in this product, my experience, side effects and anything else you should know about this product.

What is Vyvamind?

Vyvamind (sometimes called Vyva Mind) is a focus aid and stimulant from SAP Nutrition, and is sometimes referred to as a nootropic.

I’ve tried it personally and find it to be the best natural focus aid out there on the market at the moment.

Vyvamind helps:

  • Kill Brain Fog

  • Maximize Focus

  • Raise Energy Levels

  • Prolong Concentration

  • Increase Discipline and Self Control

There’s a lot of controversy with this pill at the moment, with some users even describing as ‘natural Vyvanse’ due to the stimulating effects coupling with the added focus.

However, after using it for several months I believe it doesn’t carry the negative side effects that you’ll typically get from prescription drugs.

In this full Vyvamind review, I’ll take you through the ingredients, my experience and the best way (I think) to use Vyvamind.

Here’s what you need to know:

Vyvamind Bottles

Vyvamind Ingredients: What’s in Vyvamind?

Vyvamind contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6 – 2.5 mg

  • Vitamin B12 – 50 mcg

  • L-Tyrosine – 300 mg

  • Citicoline – 200 mg

  • L-Theanine – 150 mg

  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 75 mg

Right away:

✔ All dosages are displayed

✔ It’s a stimulant-based focus aid

✔ None of the regular “filler” ingredients you normally see

It’s a good list. Below, we’ll cover these nootropics in more detail and what makes them important to this stack.

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Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an important vitamin that is needed for the body to make hemoglobin, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters. A lack of vitamin B6 can lead to a variety of health problems such as depression, fatigue, and poor memory.

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for converting food into energy, supporting the nervous system, and metabolizing protein and fat.

Vitamin B6 has been shown to have a variety of health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke by lowering blood pressure levels, protecting against Alzheimer’s disease by decreasing inflammation in the brain, helping with depression by increasing serotonin levels in the body.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most underrated vitamins in the world. It is essential for many different bodily functions, such as energy production and DNA synthesis.

The brain benefits of Vitamin B12 are not limited to its role in DNA synthesis. Vitamin B12 also helps with nerve function and myelin formation. These are both important for brain health, which is why it can help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

What vitamin B12 does to the brain:

  • Helps with nerve function

  • Helps with myelin formation

  • Helps with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and ADHD

Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to many health problems such as fatigue, weakness, weight loss, memory loss, dementia and depression. It’s ideal that it’s in Vyvamind.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body. L-Tyrosine can be found in foods such as cheese, tofu, soybeans, chicken and turkey and it is also available in supplement form.

The benefits of L-tyrosine are numerous and include better brain function, reduced stress levels and improved mood.

L-tyrosine can be used to improve mental performance by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. It can also help with symptoms of depression, ADHD and PTSD.

When tyrosine levels are low or when there’s not enough l-tyrosine available to make these neurotransmitters or hormones in the body, it can lead to low energy levels as well as depression.


Citicoline is a nootropic supplement that has been clinically proven to improve cognitive function.

It is a natural compound that is found in every cell of the body and has important functions in the brain.

Citicoline is used as a nutritional supplement, mainly to help people with brain injuries and other neurological conditions. The main benefits of citicoline are its ability to improve cognitive function, enhance memory, and increase learning capacity.

Citicoline also helps to increase blood flow to the brain by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood viscosity (thickness). The increased blood flow improves cognitive function.


L-theanine is a natural amino acid that is found in green tea, which has been shown to have many benefits for the brain.

One of the most well-known benefits of L-theanine is its ability to improve concentration. L-theanine relaxes and calms the mind without causing drowsiness. It promotes alpha brain waves which are associated with a relaxed but alert mental state.

When combined with Caffeine, this takes that effect to the next level. The stimulating effects of caffeine are controlled by the L-Theanine, allowing you to get that jolt of energy, while managing the unwanted side effects, such as jitters, that usually trail along with it.

L-Theanine can also be used to help people with anxiety, sleep disorders and ADHD and is also believed to improve mood and promote relaxation by enhancing the activity of dopamine and serotonin. It also helps regulate glutamate levels, which are associated with cognition, memory, learning, and emotional health.

L-theanine has been known to be used by people who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression. L-theanine seems to be able to increase serotonin levels in the brain which can result in decreased feelings of stress and anxiety.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a stimulant that provides increased energy, alertness, and focus. It is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. Caffeine is also used in some medications to treat headaches or to help people stay awake.

The greatest benefit of caffeine is its ability to provide an energy boost when you need it the most. This can be helpful for those who are feeling fatigued or sleepy and want to remain productive.

The downside of caffeine use is that it doesn’t last very long and it can cause an increase in anxiety levels when it wears off. However, when combined with caffeine, that stimulating effect can be lengthened and the anxiety and jittery feelings are managed.

Caffeine has been shown to improve cognitive function for up to 12 hours after consumption.

Vyvamind Bottle

Vyvamind Formula Summary

Running through these ingredients (especially the last two) you can see how Vyvamind is gaining that “natural Vyvanse” reputation some users are reporting.

The L-Theanine and Caffeine combination is nothing new in supplements – but in a nootropic or focus aid – it’s rare.

Combine that high energy, super focus effect with numerous cognitive enhancers and you’re well on your way to creating and effective psychoactive supplement.

It’s not Vyvanse. It’s not Adderall or whatever prescription study drug BUT it’s the closest thing on the market that could get you there naturally.

My Vyvamind Experience

Full disclosure: I’ve dabbled with prescription study aid medication before. I am a biohacker after all – if it gets my brain firing on all cylinders I’ll want to try it – I’ll be comparing my experience with those types of drugs to Vyvamind.

How often do I take Vyvamind?

3 – 4 times a week, twice in a day if it’s a big day. The great thing I found with Vyvamind is that I could take it every day and not have the problem of psychological and physical dependencies I risk from other study drugs.

In the past, Modafinil has always been a big hit for me – but typically I’ll use it once a month. Once a week if I’m swamped, but never more than that as I don’t want to put myself too much at risk.

With Vyvamind I can burn through a bottle in a month and keep enjoying the benefits most days of the week.

How does Vyvamind feel?

Vyvamind feels pretty great. Super-rushy but in a good way.

I’ve used nootropics before, I’m a huge fan of NooCube, Mind Lab Pro and Performance Lab and all those guys – and I still am, but Vyvamind just hits different.

The caffeine in it is a huge plus, and you really feel that when comparing it to the other brands out there. If you want to try something that really gets you going: try Vyvamind.

Obviously it’s not as effective as actual Adderall. But slam a coffee on top of your Vyvamind stack and you will absolutely fly through your work “as-fast-as-naturally-possible”. The only way you’re topping this is with actual drugs.

Do I experience any side effects on Vyvamind?

None at all. Vyvamind is a stimulated focus aid – but the manufacturer knows that and formulated it to avoid the negative effects usually associated with these products.

With this I avoided all the usual side effects I’ve had from taking “harder” options that are stimulated. No insomnia, no jitters or shakes – just focus for 3 – 4 hours at a time.

I’ll take more than one a day if I’m having a particulary busy work session – and Vyvamind shows up every time to help me get whatever I need doing done faster and more efficiently.

Would I recommend Vyvamind?

Hell yes. It’s a lovely natural alternative to the harder stuff out there. It’s not as potent (obviously) but it does work and it is safer to use.

If you want to give your brain a break from the synthetic drugs or just want something natural that works, Vyvamind is the best option around.

Vyvamind Adderall Tyrosine

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Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Vyvamind

Here are my hot tips on using Vyvamind:


  • Take Vyvamind 15 – 30 minutes before you start working.

  • Combine with coffee if you really want to push yourself.

  • Set the mood. Put on some headphones, sit down at your desk and get ready to grind.

  • Take another Vyvamind in the afternoon if you feel the effects waning.

  • Read the label to ensure you’re not allergic to anything in the ingredients.


  • Wait around for it to “kick in”. Just start working and let it creep up on you.

  • Expect it to be exactly like Vyvanse or Adderall. It’s not – it’s natural.

  • Take it if you’re going to sleep in a few hours.

  • Use Vyvamind if you have a caffeine or stimulant intolerance.

Vyvamind Reviews Summary: Worth Trying?

Vyvamind is the best natural focus aid on the market at the moment. If you’re looking for something that can help improve your overall mental performance and general focus Vyvamind is fantastic.

It’s a good natural way to clear up your brain fog, allowing you to just sit down and grind your way through a long work session. Whether it’s writing, studying or general computer work.

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