Mind Lab Pro

If you’ve read our Mind Lab Pro review, you’ll know that both Pablo and Dawn from our team have used this nootropic.

But what is the best way to take this nootropic stack? In this article we outline the best ways to take Mind Lab Pro to get the most out of it for the biggest cognitive boost.

This covers everything from when to take this nootropic, to what kind of lifestyle goals you should adopt to let it run at its full potential.

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When Should I take Mind Lab Pro?

You are recommended to take two capsules of Mind Lab Pro in the morning or early afternoon on a daily basis.

Mind Lab Pro works best when taken continuously for several weeks. Ingredients like the Bacopa monnieri in particular is much more effective when taken daily for 8-12 weeks. After 4 – 6 months of continuous use, you may want to take a break of 1 – 2 weeks to allow your tolerance to lower and keep the nootropic stack at it’s most effective.

How to take Mind Lab Pro… and other natural nootropic stacks

Below, we will detail the best ways and practices for taking Mind Lab Pro.

Many of these are general rules of thumb that you can apply to any other nootropic stacks you may experiment with after Mind Lab Pro if you decide to change up your stack.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep can have a huge effect on your cognition – and if you’re not getting enough, it could be working against you.

Not getting enough sleep is detrimental to humans and animals. Important links between sleep and cognitive processing have been seen in numerous studies.

Sleep has an important role in consolidation of different types of memory and is key to your insightful, inferential thinking. Although how exactly memories are processed in sleep remains unknown, it is definitely very important to your cognitive health.

Getting 6 – 8 hours of healthy sleep a night will help you get the

Exercise Regularly

Another aspect that should be a key part of your lifestyle. Exercise is also closely linked to improving your cognition.

Working out on a regular basis can help you in numerous ways that help improve the benefits from Mind Lab Pro.

Regular aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging and running are great for improving your cardiovascular health – but also improving your overall circulation. This includes the blood flow to your brain. By improving this circulation to your brain it becomes easier to transport resources like glucose and oxygen to your brain for better overall cognitive health.

Exercising regularly is also good for improving your mood and mindset. It increases the amount of feel-good hormones in your blood like dopamine and endorphins. By keeping the good feelings coming, you can feel better in yourself with a happier mindset which helps the mood boosters already in Mind Lab Pro.

Stay Hydrated

You should be drinking over 2 liters of water every single day. This is key to your cognition and your general health.

You will definitely not get the most out of Mind Lab Pro if you are not getting your daily intake of water.

Being hydrated can have severe effects on your cognition.

Dehydration has been seen to affect short term memory, as well as attention span, concentration and general information processing.

It can also affect your mood. Dehydration is known to produce feelings of fatigue, anger and general tension.

To avoid this we recommend having a larger bottle (ideally 2 liters) with measurements clearly displayed on it. Your goal is to track your drinking throughout the day to ensure you get at least 2 liters of water into your system.

Aim to do this everyday to keep your brain healthy and hydrated. It’ll also help you get much more out of Mind Lab Pro.


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