How does the brain determine the breathing rate, called respiration? The brain supplements seems to use a process called “thought imitation” to decide on a normal breathing rate. How can the brain accomplish this task? There is no evidence in support of such a process and yet it has been observed in humans. Some people are able to artificially increase their breathing and thus regulate their heart rate to a normal state.

What Area in the Brain Sets the Respiratory Rhythm

How does the brain accomplish this task? It appears that when people are relaxed they begin to move their muscles. These movements cause the respiratory rhythm to increase. It is not entirely clear how the brain decides what movement to make. There appears to be a circuit in the brain that monitors these movements and when the movement starts it triggers other parts of the brain to increase the breathing.

How can you use this to improve your breathing? You might increase the awareness of your breathing as you relax. You may also want to change your diet to exclude foods and beverages that stimulate the brain and that cause the respiratory rhythm to increase. You could add aromatherapy oils to your diet or take supplements of certain herbs.

The goal of all this is to allow your brain to calm down and to not become excited or frustrated. When your breathing is too rapid, it causes a problem because it causes the brain activity to slow down. The breathing can then increase again causing confusion. So it is essential to find a way to reduce or eliminate these conditions.

To learn more about these topics read more articles by Dr. Joseph Murphy, a world renowned expert on the brain and the breathing disorders. In his book The Manifold Method, Dr. Murphy discusses breathing problems and the impact it can have on your brain and overall well being. He offers numerous tips to improve your breathing and more importantly, how to avoid future problems. To learn more check out his website. You will be able to find great information on all aspects of brain health and learning how to live with an impaired brain.

What area in the brain sets the respiratory rhythm? Why is it important to know this? Well, it is vital to know this if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, hyperventilation, tightness in the chest, headache, nausea, dizziness, or any other respiratory-related symptoms. If you are concerned about your breathing or your response to situations, speak with your doctor immediately.


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