What Causes a Brain Bleed

What Causes a Brain Bleed? – Avoid These Head Injuries

What causes a brain bleed is the same thing that causes a hemorrhage in other parts of your body. An immense amount of pressure that is put on your brain stem and surrounding tissue causes your brain to swell and make it unable to drain itself properly. This can happen because you have suffered from a stroke, suffered a hit to the head, or had some kind of surgery. In addition to these other causes, sometimes a blockage can be found in the blood vessels, which can also cause the brain to swell.

When this happens the result is a brain bleed. It is known as a traumatic brain injury and is very serious. If not treated right away, you can suffer permanent damage to that part of your brain. This means you may never be able to function normally without it. A lot of brain injuries occur in car crashes, motorcycle crashes, football games, or any kind of accident.

Some of the things that can cause this type of bleeding include: having a hit in the head, getting a blow to the face, being struck in the head with a heavy object, or even a fall. While it is hard to prevent some of these things from happening, it is possible to lessen your chances of suffering a brain bleed by: staying away from alcohol, quitting smoking, and avoiding medications that contain caffeine and aspirin. These two types of medications often times will cause you to have a hard time draining your brain, which can lead to a problem. If you do fall victim to a blow to the head, the proper way to treat it is to contact a doctor immediately. If you don’t get the treatment you need, the brain tissue may die.

While you may not be able to prevent what causes a brain bleed, there are some things you can do to stop it from happening. If you know you are going to take a shot to the head, try to focus on something else, or even take deep breaths to calm yourself down. You should also try to keep your hands away from your head, so that blood cannot circulate in that area. If you ever feel lightheaded, you should definitely call a doctor to help you through the symptoms of brain damage caused by a head injury.

While a brain bleed is definitely a serious matter, it is nothing that should keep you from living a normal life. However, if you ever end up dealing with a traumatic brain injury like one could have occurred while playing sports or biking, you should be aware of the potential problems you may have with bleeding. Also, if you suffer from a traumatic brain injury you should always consult a licensed medical professional such as a doctor or lawyer before attempting to perform any type of therapy or care on your own. If you were to perform care on yourself, you may cause more damage to the brain than what you already have.

Hopefully, when considering what causes a brain bleed you’ll be able to learn a bit more about the situation and why it could be so serious. No one ever wants to think about dying or losing their memory, but sometimes these things happen unexpectedly and without warning. If you were to deal with a brain bleed while playing a sport or biking, you would want to make sure you called a doctor immediately and were examined thoroughly before proceeding with treatment.


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