Being left brain dominant is a condition where you are normally right-handed but have suffered brain damage due to an accident or being severely abused. People with this condition are unable to function on their own and usually have trouble in learning basic things such as spelling and recognizing patterns. They also have trouble with logical thought and have difficulty understanding and retaining new information. Lefties are also often perceived as having less self-esteem than right-handed people because of the stereotype.

What Does It Mean to Be Left Brain Dominant

If you are suffering from this disorder, you have an exceptional gift. The ability to reason and problem solve is very much developed in lefties and is used to solve problems that occur while walking, talking and driving. People with this condition are highly creative and have a flair for coming up with unusual solutions to problems. If you have had some sort of brain injury that has caused damage to your brain, you have an amazing ability to reason and learn new things. Many lefties use their talent as professionals.

Some examples of those who might be considered to be lefties include artists, musicians and engineers. The term left-brainers was first coined in 1950 by James Penrose, who based his terminology on research he did on how the brain functions. Although this particular terminology may be new to some people, there is a lot of evidence that supports Penrose’s theory. For example, people who are left-handed are better at math and physics, but suffer from poor verbal skills.

Although some people are born with a natural ability to be left brain dominant, others develop this condition due to abuse or brain trauma. Left-handers are more likely to develop symptoms of autism and dyslexia as a result of neurological problems in their brain. Lefties are also more likely to work in fields requiring creativity and are seen as good problem solvers. A person who is naturally left-brain dominant can use their ability to reason well to become successful academically and in their careers. This has lead to a myth among some lefties that they are less intelligent than other people. However, this isn’t true and many lefties go on to become very accomplished and successful people.

If you have been labeled left brain because of your brain function, don’t worry too much about it. Lefties are very common and you are most likely not the only one who has this condition. In fact, many other people do experience the same symptoms you do. Most people who are born with such a condition just deal with them and go on to live normal, successful lives.

So, now you know what does it mean to be left brain dominant and understand a bit more about it. The most important thing to remember is that if you feel that you have this condition, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Many other people who have the same problems you do get better treatment than you do. All you need to do is seek out help and it will be taken care of for you.


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