We all know that children have different brain functions; some are quick thinkers, others are slow thinkers and there are others that have an overall hand to hand effect. But what does this mean for the child with Autism or a child with ADD/ADHD? Is the brain dominant or the non-dominant? What is the best way to teach them? Let’s find out.

What Is Right Brain Dominant

The most common explanation is that children are either fast or slow thinkers. This is certainly one possibility, but I believe there is a much deeper reason. In order to understand brain dominance, it is important to look at children’s behavior and how their brains actually work.

One thing that seems to be true about children is that they are left handed. If you have an opposite-handed child, they are more likely to be left handed. There are other things to take into consideration, like the fact that children learn from both hemispheres of their brain, not just one. This means that they are also likely to learn who is the dominant hemisphere and which brain hemisphere they will be dominant in.

So what is right brain dominance? It appears that the child with Autism or the child with ADHD is not dominant in the mind, but they could be slower to learn and get things right. There may also be learning disabilities involved, depending on the child’s actual birth order. The problem is that it’s difficult to determine if a child has ADHD or Autism. They could just have slow brain function and that would explain why they act and react the way that they do.

You might think that this is a simple case of poor parenting. Maybe the parent with the ADHD child doesn’t want to get an education on how the brain works and therefore lets them do whatever they want. That could be happening, although I am not sure that is the case. The truth is that children with disabilities need to be taught the same things that normal children are taught, the only difference is that they need to learn the dominant hemisphere. There are many educational programs for children with disabilities.

The problem is that there are no government programs that are designed to teach what is right brain dominance. That means that you have to find this out on your own, which is not always easy. That’s why many people look for help in the form of a professional who can help them figure this out. One of the methods they use is Brain State Software that measures the brain activity of the individual in question and gives them a score.


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