What Were Your First Signs of a Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor Signs – What Were Your First Signs of a Brain Tumor?

If you’ve had a brain tumor, you’re no doubt wondering, “what were my first signs of a brain tumor?” Even though the symptoms may have been many and varied, there are some common ones that doctors find quite alarming. When a tumor is present it can interfere with normal functions of the body. There are two tests doctors use to determine if a tumor is present and these include the CT scan and MRI. A tumor should never be ignored, even if you’re experiencing no symptoms.

There are several things that can indicate that a person has a brain tumor. The first thing is behavior. If a person has a noticeable behavior change when they feel a seizure or feel weakness in any area of the body it could be a sign. Another sign to look for is asymmetry. When a person experiences symptoms that seem to be different from others around them, this can also be an indication of a tumor.

The first signs of a brain tumor will be very similar to those of a stroke or a traumatic injury. Bruising are common, along with problems with balance and coordination. Some memory loss and short-term memory issues may also occur. If you’re not growing or losing weight, a person who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor may have been experiencing these symptoms for quite some time before coming to the doctor. If this is the case, treatment will need to be initiated immediately.

Another set of signs can be seen in people who have already been diagnosed with a tumor. Some of the warning signs that come before something more serious happens include unexplained fits and pain, nausea, vomiting, changes in behavior and vision, or ringing in the ears. These symptoms are often overlooked by the patient and overlooked by their doctor, but they all point to a tumor in progress. It is important that people who have signs like these take them seriously and contact their doctors right away for evaluation and possible treatment.

The first signs of a tumor can be a little difficult to pinpoint because of the many different factors that can cause the symptoms. There are other things that can cause similar symptoms, which can help you with your diagnosis. Be aware of changes in behavior and appetite, dizziness or any unusual head movement, or a change in speech. Any unexplained loss of weight is another good sign that something is wrong and should be discussed with a doctor.

The first signs of a brain tumor can be scary, especially when they hit you without any warning. However, when you are being evaluated by a physician, you can expect to be given a thorough examination to find out what type of tumor you have. A CT scan or MRI can be used to find out if it is a benign or malignant tumor. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are likely to have side effects from the treatment that he/she may suggest.


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