Which of the following imaging techniques does not collect information about brain functioning? The technique which is used to look into the brain through an x-ray or an MRI does not gather information which is directly related to how a person functions. There is one more technique that is used to look into the brain and that is called PET scanning or positron emission tomography scan. The only problem is that it does not gather information about which of the brain functions is having problems.

Which of the Following Imaging Techniques Does Not Collect Information About Brain Functioning

PET scanning has been around since the seventies. It has four main advantages over other imaging techniques which are functional imaging techniques. First of all it does not require any wires that mean no more painful wires which can disrupt your daily life. Also it can determine things about the blood flow in the brain which are essential to the brain.

Another thing that is good about this technique is that it can determine things about the blood flow in the brain. The PET scan is able to determine things like the amount of fluid in the brain which is essential for performing certain functions. PET is also able to tell things about the glucose or blood sugar levels in the brain. These are vital to our brain functioning as without enough glucose or blood sugar levels in the brain, we get into certain brain related disorders. The latest technology, which was introduced in this field is the Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) which is another imaging technique which has helped to find out which of the brain is malfunctioning.

The last imaging techniques which we shall be looking at is the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This technique can help to determine which part of the brain is suffering from a problem or what is going on with it. MRI can show if the brain is working properly or is demonstrating unusual activity. It is a reliable technique as the images reveal very little information but are clear and very powerful. This imaging technique helps to determine if there are any abnormalities in the brain and its functioning.

These three imaging techniques are used to gain information about brain functioning. They have helped researchers to find out what is happening in the brain and how it works. There is a lot more work to be done in this field. However, these imaging techniques are essential for brain research. Without these techniques there would not be much progress made and we would still be unsure of how our brains work and what are the functions of each one of them.

MRI is an imaging technique which has helped a lot to find out what the internal structures of the brain are and how they work. PET scanning is used to determine the glucose levels in the blood stream. This technology is known to be more precise than the former. Lastly functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI’s) can measure blood flow in the brain. This method is more reliable compared to the previous two. These three imaging technologies can help you understand how your brain works and what are its different functions.


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