Does Adderall Make You Sweat?

Does Adderall make you sweat?

Yes, Adderall can make you sweat. Adderall stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, which triggers your body’s “fight or flight” response which can cause increased sweating. This response can also cause pupil dilation, increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Adderall is an amphetamine stimulant, it’s always going to have a big impact on you for the time that it is in your system.

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Does Adderall make you feel hot, as well as sweat?

Yes, as well as making you sweat, Adderall can also make you feel hot.

Because it is a very potent amphetamine based stimulant, Adderall can raise your blood pressure, heart rate and also your body temperature.

This can make you get much hotter much faster and can cause numerous issues associated with overheating. This can affect your concentration, feelings of well-being and generally not be a good condition for you to be in.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and seek out air-conditioning to cool you down when appropriate.

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Can Adderall make your sweat smell?

Yes. Sweating on Adderall may smell differently to the sweat you usually produce.

Some people describe this smell as ‘metallic’ or ‘musky’, a much stronger version of their own sweat, enhanced by the effects of the drug.

Reports online from users, usually say they experience these effects from Adderall that their sweat smells more potent than normal when they up their dose. When taking more then they usually do, their sweat is apparently far more pungent.

Numerous users have tried to find workarounds for the problem, including showering twice a day and experimenting with stronger antiperspirants.

Others have found they can reduce the intensity of the smell by cleaning up their diet. Avoiding dairy products as often as possible and maximizing their intake of cleaner foods like green vegetables seems to reduce the overall smell making it less noticeable.

Summary: Is Adderall causing you to sweat more?

Yes. If you have just started to take Adderall and are noticing that you are sweating much more than usual – then this may be what’s causing it.

Adderall’s effect on your sympathetic nervous system manipulates your body’s fight or flight response, which unleashes numerous unwanted side effects, like increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, dilated pupils and more.

Not only are you sweating more, you’re definitely feeling it too. As we’ve mentioned one of the side effects with Adderall is also an increase in body heat. So not only are you sweating – you’re aware of it – at least most people.

Finally, some people even notice that the sweat that they expel while on Adderall, has a far more potent smell compared to when they are not using the drug.

Many suggest showering twice a day to resolve the issue, some look into stronger antiperspirants in hopes that they will solve the problem, and a few have even had success cleaning up their diet and avoiding diary to reduce the intensity.

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