How much MCT oil in Coffee?

How much MCT oil in coffee?

Start with one teaspoon of MCT oil per cup in your coffee. See how much your tolerance is, but aim to work up to a tablespoon of MCT oil in a coffee to really get the full effects.

The best way to add MCT oil to coffee, is to put it in the cup first and then pour the coffee on top of it. This way, you avoid a layer of oil sitting on top of your beverage.

MCT oil varies in quality from brand to brand, to be in the know, check out our Best MCT oil page.

I’ve put how much MCT oil I wanted in my coffee: Why did I do that?

There are several benefits to why you would want to put MCT oil in your morning coffee. Adding medium-chain triglycerides to a coffee helps to give it an extra edge when it comes to boosting your focus and energy.

A regular cup of coffee gives you a hit of caffeine – and that’s good for a quick boost. However, the MCT oil adds a whole other edge to it. It’s really easy for your body to absorb the fats from MCT oil and use it almost instantly.

It can give you a fast energy boost, due to it being an easy to absorb fuel source – and also great for improving recovery in athletes. So if you’ve been working out the day before, putting however much MCT oil in your coffee may be a good idea to give your recovery a jump-start.

Not only that, caffeine is an appetite suppressant – and so is MCT oil because it’s high fat. It can help reduce your snacking, keep you on track with your diet and help to promote ketones if you find yourself on a keto diet.

Other benefits of MCT oil include increasing your body’s metabolic rate which could help with weight loss. As well as being instant brain fuel because of it’s ketogenic properties which allow it to help you with memory, mental clarity, focus and general cognition.

What are the risks of putting this much MCT oil in coffee?

Of course, it’s not all oily coffee and ripped abs. Taking MCT oil with coffee as the potential to cause side effects in some people.

Some people like to say that they take MCT oil and coffee as opposed to breakfast – that it replaces their breakfast. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, mainly because MCT oil and coffee doesn’t have the nutritional density of what you would get from a healthy breakfast.

There’s also a risk of it causing problems with people who have heart disease as MCT oil coffee is much higher in fat than regular coffee.

Summary: “How much MCT oil in my coffee?! Is it even worth it?”

For people who have not done this before, we recommend using 1 teaspoon of MCT oil in your coffee and working your way up to 1 tablespoon. This allows you to detect any tolerance issues and avoid any potential side effects such as gastric distress.

Secondly, there are pros and cons to doing MCT oil in coffee.

Pros of MCT oil in Coffee

  1. It’s a great source of energy in the morning.
  2. MCT oil and coffee may help to some degree with recovery.
  3. You’re already getting your healthy fat macros up for the day.
  4. It’s perfect for a keto diet.

Cons of MCT oil in Coffee

  1. You don’t get the same nutritional value from MCT oil coffee as you do from a healthy breakfast.
  2. If you have heart problems, the high fat may cause issues for you.

Those are the main issues, and if you have any concerns, you should always speak to your doctor or a medical professional before you try something that you think your body wouldn’t agree with.

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