What are the side effects of MCT oil?

What are the side effects of MCT oil?

Potential side effects of MCT Oil may include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Discomfort
  • Intestinal Gas

However, these are very unlikely to happen if you are using the best MCT oil. The only reason these side effects from MCT oil would occur is if you are having far more than is recommend dose on a daily basis.

That’s the scenario where you’re more likely to have adverse effects. I personally take MCT oil every day and have yet to run into any issues.

Specifically I use Performance Lab MCT which is super clean.

However, if you have any stomach conditions, or suffer with digestive problems, you should speak to your doctor or a medical professional before using MCT oil.

It’s also noticed that none of these side effects are severe. They’re more of an inconvenience than a danger.

MCT Oil Side Effects

Why does MCT oil cause digestive side effects?

As we’ve said, you’re unlikely to run into any side effects or adverse effects from using MCT oil however, if you do they are most likely to be digestive related.

So why does MCT oil have the potential to cause side effects for your digestive system?

The answer is because it is literally oil. Oil which contains a very high level of fat.

When you take in a lot of oil, be it; butter, margarine, coconut or as we’re looking at here, MCT oil, your body is taking in a lot of fat at once.

In some cases this is more fat that some people can digest in one serving. This goes especially if you are taking much more than the recommended amount the product recommends. In doing so, your body has a hard time absorbing the fats in the MCT oil. These fats that you can’t absorb can cause your small intestine and colon to secrete more water into your stool.

This leaves you with the upset stomach problems that we have listed above. When more watery, the stool is much harder to control – and typically goes on to result in diarrhea.

That said, this is a rare side effect from MCT oil, and often you’re more likely to benefit from taking it rather than not.

MCT Oil Safety: How to manage it?

One of the reasons you may experience side effects from using MCT oil is because you’re taking too high of a dose.

This problem stems from MCT oil not having any defined tolerable upper intake level (UL). However, some have suggested that if you are to use MCT oil safely, you can take a maximum daily dose between 60 – 100 ml, which roughly equates to around 4 – 7 tablespoons.

If you are to effectively avoid any risk of adverse effects from MCT oil, you should start in smaller doses. Take 5 ml as a daily serving (which is around 1 teaspoon) and work your way up.

Always speak to your doctor or a medical professional if you’re looking to take MCT oil on a daily basis.

Summary: The Side Effects of MCT Oil and What They Are

MCT oil is safe for most people to consume. However, the lack of universal dosage guidelines make it difficult for some people to know where to start.

Going overboard with your dosages could lead to digestive problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and an upset stomach in general.

If you’re unsure, you should speak to your doctor before using MCT oil, and you should also start with small doses around 5 ml (or 1 teaspoon) and work your way up.

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