MCT oil before bed

MCT Oil before bed is thought to help improve quality of sleep, and also help improve brain performance the next day.

The idea is that the shorter fats within MCT oil is converted into ketones, which your brain can immediately use as fuel. This can help to keep it optimized with any processes it runs over night to help keep you sharp the next morning.

The main draw of MCT oil before bed is that it contains medium chain triglycerides which have links to promoting better quality sleep. As opposed to other dairy-based fats which may have the opposite effect.

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In this short article, we look at the idea of taking MCT oil before and see what it can do for you.

Why take MCT oil before bed

Why Take MCT Oil Before Bed?

The main reason MCT oil works well being taken before bed is their ability to reduce insulin spikes from high Glucose Index (GI) carbohydrates.

If you eat a lot of those foods (for example rice, potatoes, bread etc) before going to bed you’re in for a big insulin spike. Essentially something that will make you restless and energized for the next few hours.

MCT oil can help to balance out these effects by helping to regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels and tries to bring you back down to more stable levels, which can make getting to sleep much easier.

MCT oil has a special kind of fat too. It can increase your fat oxidation which can accelerate your fat burning overnight. Meaning that MCT oil at night can help more than just your brain – it can help your body as well.

How to take MCT oil before bed…

To use MCT oil before bed, simply add one tablespoon to a drink, dressing, sauce before bed. If none of those are available, you can always try having a straight spoonful of MCT oil on it’s own – the effect will be the same.

Why MCT oil before bed and not coconut oil?

Why MCT oil before bed and not coconut oil?

Although there are similarities between MCT oil and Coconut Oil, one is better than the other for bedtime. MCT oil is the superior option.

Coconut oil on average is only 55% MCT, where actual MCT oil is 100%.

Also by not being all MCT, coconut oil increases it’s risk of causing gastric distress if it doesn’t agree with you, which is less likely with pure MCTs.

Coconut oil is also more “main stream” and more vastly produced, which increases its overall chances of being from genetically modified sources, hydrogenated trans fats and generally have more of a chance of going rancid before their time.

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For long term daily use, MCT oil is the better option to take before bed.

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